I've been running off and on since high school. Over the last 10 years, I've done lots of fun runs and 5k's. It was only in the past 3-4 years that I even considered myself a "real runner." When I started running in high school, it was so I could stay in shape for the other sports I played. Running wasn't very much fun way back then. Thankfully, it became something that I've really come to love. I continue to run because I also love to eat (who doesn't?). Running is also a form of meditation for me. I can hit the trails, clear my mind, or have great conversations with my running buddies. I joined the USA FIT Albuquerque (or Albuquerque Fit as it was called) about three years ago. I had trained for my very first half marathon alone, and I did okay, but the training was pretty lonely. I was the only person that kept myself accountable. It worked for that race, but I knew it would be difficult to recreate for the next one. My coworker was a coach with the Albuquerque Fit and talked about how wonderful it was to have a group of people to train with. She was completely right!  I've made so many friends since I started running with our group, and it's great to have a group of people who are like-minded (love to run, eat and occasionally have a drink!). My favorite distance would be a 10K, only because there aren't many races that are 8 milers. I always say that 8 miles is my sweet spot, but 10K's are the next best thing. You can push yourself, but you know that it's only for 6.2 miles and will be over before you know it. When I'm not running, I love hiking, road biking, and yoga. These are all great ways to stay healthy and keep my mind clear.  When it comes to running or fitness everyone should find something that you love to do and do it with great people. Email me at theresatowers6@gmail.com