I have lived in Albuquerque since 1971.  I graduated from Manzano High School in 1974 (Go Monarchs), worked lots of jobs and saved my money for almost 7 years, and then attended UNM where I earned a BS (1985) and MS (1991) in Chemical Engineering.  I worked in academia, in private industry, and then retired from the National Nuclear Security Administration in 2012 after spending 22+ years working in the nuclear weapons program.  My wife Kim is an Albuquerque native.  It was Kim that got me involved with Albuquerque Fit in 2006 when she decided to join and start training for the Chicago Marathon after finishing her first 5K earlier that year.  Watching Kim train and seeing the outstanding support she received from the Albuquerque Fit Coaches and Members was a great experience and really sold me on the Program.   Kim and I finished the Chicago Marathon in October that year.   My goal race this year is the Long Beach Marathon on October 13th.

I coached kids (and a few parents) in track and cross country for 7 years starting in 1999.  After training and competing in track and 5K road and cross country races for about 5 years I started as a long distance runner in 2004. I trained by myself for my first marathon in January 2006 and made just about every mistake possible.  Since then, I've completed 14 more marathons, a 50-mile ultra-marathon and a 62.5-mile ultra-marathon.  Albuquerque Fit was a very large part of my success.  Coach Gary traveled out of state to support me and ran both ultra-marathons side-by-side with me!  Coach Gary and other Albuquerque Fit Members also ran with me and supported me when I got the crazy idea to run my age in miles last year after training for only 6-7 weeks.  That didn't go so well as I quit at 40 miles, slightly over 62K - not bad but not my goal.  I’m still working my way up to finishing a 100 mile race and hoping that if I'm really nice to Coach Gary he'll run with me.  Perhaps it will happen, maybe it won't.  I'm never afraid to fail.

I became a Coach for Albuquerque Fit in 2007, starting with the Beginner 5K Run/Walk Group in the Spring Program and then with the Marathon Group in the Summer Program.  I coached for the next 11 years and then took a break from coaching and just paced in 2018.  In that time I’ve met a lot of great people, made lots of friends, and best of all, I’ve been able to work with people to help them become runners and accomplish their running goals.  It’s a great feeling to be there when someone achieves their goal especially their first marathon.  It's no coincidence that the USA Fit motto is "Change Your Life" because a runner will never be the same after completing their first marathon.  I'm very happy and excited to be back as your Coach.  We'll all work hard together but we’ll have a lot of fun too!  Email me at ChevelleNut@Comcast.net