In January of 2013, my husband started running as a result of a health scare. I saw a major change in him so I picked up running in May of 2014 as a way to improve my health and lose weight too. I work in an office and my days are mostly sedentary. So running became my path to improving my health so I can live longer. I have a 17 year old daughter and it is important to me to be around for a very long time. At first it was extremely difficult because my knees hurt, my feet hurt, my hips get the idea. It got easier as I lost weight, and my ligaments and tendons got stronger. I also discovered running on dirt is less straining for the joints, which led me to trail running. Since then, I have done a few races and hope to do many more. My first major endeavor was Imogene Pass which was 10 miles up to an altitude of over 13,000 feet and 7 miles down. I also ran La Luz, and most recently I completed “Dead Horse”, a 50K ultra (31 miles) in Moab—which was my longest run ever. There were moments when I thought they’d have to change the name of the race to “Dead Runner”, but I finished and made all of the cut off times. I’m never going to be fast, and trail running is more about enjoying the surroundings than pace. I’ve seen waterfalls, rivers, coyote, and deer. I try to keep my phone handy, so I can snap a quick photo during my run. Trail running has allowed me to experience things and places I never would have seen otherwise. I often struggle while I’m doing it, but I never regret it and I truly believe that if I can run, anyone can. Email me at