Throughout my school and motherhood years, I loved to be active in all kinds of sports EXCEPT running/track. Then the USAF moved my husband Gary, our 2 teenage kids & me to Albuquerque in 1991. Gary became Forrest Gump before the movie idea was even conceived! Needless to say, his running enthusiasm began to grow on me. After I finished one 5K, I went right to the 10K, and in the blink of 22 years, I have done 6 La Luz races, 13 half marathons, 16 marathons, 8 50K’s, and 2 50-milers. Thanks to all the wonderful friends I’ve made through Albuquerque Fit the past 10 years, I stay inspired to run, saying “just one more race”. On the career side, I knew from the age of 9 that I wanted to work in the field of food and nutrition, thanks to all I learned from my mom and numerous 4-H activities. After a few years of higher education, I became a registered dietitian and worked 40 years as a clinical dietitian, which included 30 wonderful years in the VA Hospital system. Sports nutrition became a special interest after I began running regularly. Now that I’m retired, I think it’s time to create a superior energy gel to help us run like the wind! As your coach, I will do my very best to make your time on Saturday mornings rewarding and fun to help you make strides toward reaching your activity goal each week. We are in this together! Email me at