I ran my first marathon with USA FIT Albuquerque in 2005. I then proceeded to run one marathon in all 50 states. I completed that goal in 12 years, two weeks before my 50th birthday in Sept. 2018.  I love motivating people to get out and run. If you show up, I’ll get you to the finish line. This club though is more than running, it is about all the wonderful friends you will make and camaraderie. We are here to listen and assist you every mile of the journey. If you can’t talk and run, that’s ok we’ll get you so you can do both, but until then, I can do the talking for you! I can tell you about where I am from, and how I started running, but I’ll save it for the trail. I am excited to meet you and help you achieve your running goals. Email me at redrunner505@gmail.com