Registration for 2018 Spring Program is Open

Albuquerque Fit’s 2018 Spring Program will begin on January 27th. In-person registration will begin at 8:00 at the Sagebrush Community Church (6440 Coors Blvd NW) in their south parking lot. Save waiting in line by registering online now.
We look forward to a another great season. Our beginner walk-to-run program is second-to-none and will get total beginners or those who haven’t run in many years to the finish line of the Run for the Zoo 5K in 14 weeks. This program starts with mostly walking and slowly and safely adds in some running and decreases the walking. Our regular 5K, 10K and half marathon programs do their weekly runs in pace groups. So whether you run 4 minute miles (can I get your autograph), 14 minute miles or anywhere in between, we have a group for you where everyone runs together and supports each other.