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  1. What is Albuquerque Fit? Albuquerque Fit is an award-winning running and walking program. This same program is currently being held in over 50 cities throughout the U.S. and internationally. Albuquerque Fit will begin its spring season on January 27th.
  2. Who should join? Albuquerque Fit is perfect for anyone who has a desire to challenge themselves, wants to exercise and make new friends, wants to increase their body strength and stamina, wants to look and feel better, or simply wants to get involved in a healthy lifestyle sport. The program is perfect for complete beginners who want to get fit and healthy in a safe, structured way, as well as experienced runners who have specific goals that they want to achieve. We will develop individualized schedules for those who want one and then monitor the runners to ensure that they stay on track and motivated to reach their goals.
  3. When is the Albuquerque Fit season? The official Summer Albuquerque Fit season is the 25 weeks prior to the Duke City Marathon/Half Marathon/10K. The program runs from May 5, 2018 through October 21, 2018.
  4. Where is the training? For the first two weeks (May 5th and May 12th) we will have in-person registration and our first runs of the season. We will meet at the Sagebrush Community Church at 6440 Coors Blvd NW. The schedule that is handed out at registration will give the weekly locations and distances that we run on Saturdays and mid-week for the rest of the season.
  5. I just found out about Albuquerque Fit. Can I still join?
    Registration for our Spring program is now open. We will take on-line registrations through August 26th and in-person registration throughout the season.
  6. I’m not a member. Do you allow drop-ins? Albuquerque Fit does not have a drop-in program unless you are a visiting member of another USA FIT program. Our all-inclusive membership covers our seminars, coaching, and training runs/walks.
  7. Can walkers participate? Walkers are welcome!
  8. Are you affiliated with a charity? Albuquerque Fit is not associated with a charity, and you do not need to raise money to participate in this program. There are several good marathon training programs where raising money for a charity is part of the program. While these can be effective and rewarding, we realize that it’s not for everyone, and it may be impossible to do year after year. Some of our members choose to raise money for a charity, but it certainly isn’t a requirement.
  9. How did all this come about? It all began in Houston about 28 years ago with 50 runners, two guys, and an idea that runners needed some guidance and training to achieve their marathon goals.
  10. What are the weekly seminars? Each weekend, before the group run, we’ll hold a 10-15 minute educational seminar. Topics will all be health- and fitness-related and will be led by industry professionals. After each seminar, you will break off into your groups for a brief talk and question-and-answer with your coach.
  11. What happens on any given Saturday? We run with our groups after each seminar. The seminar will start at 8:00 AM every Saturday. After the seminar, we usually meet with our groups for a few minutes to talk with the coaches, ask questions, make plans for the next week, etc.  As the weather gets warmer and the runs get longer, we will begin our Saturday sessions earlier.
  12. Who created our schedule? Our schedule comes from the great folks at Houston FIT. For over 28 years, they have been training people all over the country just like us. Everybody has a different marathon philosophy, but ours has been tested literally tens of thousands of times.
  13. Do we get discounts on shoes? Yes.  Our sponsor, Heart & Sole Sports will give all Albuquerque Fit members a discount on all their running shoe purchases.
  14. How can I sign up? Online registration is now open. You will be able to sign up online by clicking on the red “Register Now” button at the top of the page, or in person at one of our sign-up sessions.
  15. How much does it cost? Albuquerque Fit’s 25-week training program costs only $99 for returning members and $125 for new members.
  16. What is included for the sign-up fee?
    • Ability-based pace group workouts and coaching
    • Training log
    • Weekly seminars
    • Weekly training schedules/individualized schedules
    • Albuquerque Fit T-shirt
    • Discounts at sports apparel stores
    • Social activities and more!
  17. When are the in-person sign-up sessions? For those who want to talk to the coaches before signing up, in-person pre-registration for Albuquerque Fit’s Summer season takes place at Heart & Sole Sports (2817 San Mateo Blvd NE) on April 26th OR at Heart & Sole Sports on May 3rd anytime between 4:00 – 6:00 PM. Sign-ups will also be held at 8:00 AM on May 5th and May 12th before we start our weekly run.
  18. What happens at the sign-up session? After registration is completed on May 5th and May 12th, we will have an orientation session where we will talk about the program and what everyone can expect for the next 25 weeks.  We will then break up into our individual groups for a question and answer session with the coaches.  This will be followed by our scheduled group run.
  19. Can I pay with a credit card? Yes. Register online by clicking on the red “Register Now” button at the top of the page to pay with a credit card. If you sign-up in-person, we will have a computer available to get online and pay with a credit card.
  20. Do I have to attend both orientations? If possible, we’d like you to attend both sessions (weeks 1 and 2). We will cover all the details of how the program works the first week and put you into your groups. The content of the first two seminars is also different.
  21. I can’t make it to the first weekend. Should I still sign up? Yes, you should still sign up! We’d like you to attend the first week for the reasons outlined in the previous Q&A, but we know not everyone can make it to week 1. That’s why we have another sign-up the following week. The week 2 seminar will be a quick overview of week 1, but we also have coaches ready to answer any question you have from the previous week.
  22. Does entry into Albuquerque Fit include entry into the Duke City races? No, your payment to Albuquerque Fit only covers the cost of your participation in the training program. We are not affiliated with the Duke City runs in any way — we just train for them. We will provide information about how to sign up for the Duke City Marathon/Half Marathon/10K.
  23. How much training does this program involve? Realizing that most people lead very busy lives, this program is one that can easily fit into your schedule. For the most part, the program calls for running or walking only four days a week. Your long run or walk will usually take place on Saturday with your group. The day after your long run/walk is always a rest day. During the week, you run or walk for time only (i.e., 30 minutes), not for distance.
  24. What does 20 on the weekly schedule (during the week) mean? Are we running 20 miles? During the week, we run for minutes. So if the schedule says “20” on a Tuesday, you should run or walk 20 minutes. Do this at a comfortable pace unless instructed to do otherwise. On the weekends, we do miles, so the schedule will say four miles. Listen to your coaches for guidance on running these miles each week.
  25. Do I have to be there every week? While those long runs are a lot easier when you’re doing them with the group, we know there are times when you won’t be able to make a weekend meeting. The seminars are important, so be sure to speak with your coach or running buddies about what you missed. In our experience, the success of our members is directly proportional to their ability to attend our weekend trainings. If you do have to miss a week, check with your coach for the next week’s schedule.
  26. Can we participate in races during training? Sure! . You certainly don’t have to be competitive about it, but it’s fun to run in a different place, get a race number, and cross the finish line.
  27. What if I travel during my training? Can I attend USA FIT programs in other cities? Absolutely. USA FIT has programs in over 50 cities around the world, and you are welcome to attend any USA FIT meeting anywhere.
  28. Could I win one of the Duke City races? Of course you could. However, most likely you’ll get a nice T-shirt, a finisher’s medal, bragging rights, and a lot of cheers from spectators and coaches.
  29. What if I want to find out more? Send us an e-mail at or check this website for updates.