Welcome to Albuquerque FIT!

Our 24-week Summer 2016 program began on April 30th. This program is for everyone – from complete beginners to experienced runners. We will help each runner determine reasonable, doable and a little challenging goals and then safely and enjoyably reach those goals. Saturday runs are done in pace groups, which teaches everyone how to correctly pace themselves for longer and longer runs. They also give all runners numerous others to run with who comfortably run their same pace. You’ll make new friends for life as you conquer those slowly increasing miles together. For those new to running, you’re not alone. Our experienced coaches will take you from short runs and longer walks to longer runs and shorter walks. You’ll barely notice the change but before you know it, you will have converted yourself from a walker to a runner (and love every step of the way). For the more experienced runners, we need to set some new challenging goals for you and then celebrate as you cross the finish lines after your amazing achievements. Once you pick some goal events, we will create individualized programs for you to help you reach whatever your goals might be. Whether you’re a new runner or have many races behind you, you’re lives will never be the same. Our entire coaching staff looks forward to working with each and every one of you for a ride you’ll never regret.

Online registration will be open until July 3rd and in-person registration will be open indefinitely. Come join Albuquerque’s biggest and most experienced running program for a fun, supportive group. Run with us and finish your first or 100th race. Your life will never be the same.